About CAS

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Conveyor Application Systems (CAS) is a member of the Rexius Group founded in 1935. Sol Rexius began the company by taking debris from sawmills in the northwest that at the time was thrown away and burned, recycling it, and creating fuel and other useful products. A few years later, he also invented a new way of delivering these products – the first trucks using a mobile conveyor system.  Sol believed that if he worked hard and treated people fairly and honestly, he could provide a good living for his family. He did more than that. He built a popular and hugely successful business.

Arlen Rexius is the grandson of Sol and the current president of Rexius and of CAS. He continues to run the company with the same moral compass as his grandfather and also has his innovative and creative spirit. Arlen has been involved with equipment all of his life and is the inventor of the modern Express Blower Truck. In recent years, he has focused his efforts to improve and nearly re-invent the Slinger industry introducing new designs in truck mounted models and introducing various off-road models.


CAS now consists of a group of very talented people who build, sell, and support the best material placement equipment on the market. We offer new and quality used equipment. Our service and parts department offers expert advice and generally next day delivery. We are excited to work with you and if we have that opportunity, we hope that you have a great experience here at CAS.