Our Staff

Arlen Rexius

Arlen Rexius


Arlen is the company visionary and has the primary responsibility for the direction of Conveyor Application Systems, LLC and its production facility. His responsibilities also include the Rexius Company truck fleet and repair/manufacturing facility. Arlen has been with the company since 1975.


Brent Whitley

General Manager

Brent is the general manager and has direct responsibility for the management and sales effort of Conveyor Application Systems, LLC. Brent has many years of experience in management and equipment manufacturing and has been with the Rexius company since 1999.


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Mike brings many years of experience to the CAS group. Mike owned several businesses for 33 years and brings a whole new insight from the owner operator’s perspective.


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Bob Snyder

National accounts manager

Bob is one of our most dedicated and longest term members of the CAS team. Bob has over 30 years of experience in the trucking and materials application business, and fleet management giving him great insight in equipment operations. Bob has been with the company since 1968.


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