AT7 All-Terrain


The AT7 is the right choice for sites where multiple loads are required and the material can be staged on site. The All Terrain’s four wheel drive and radio remote control get you closer to difficult to reach areas. It’s ideal for accessing areas off road, around buildings, or behind obstacles. The AT7 is one of our most popular slingers due to its unique ability to handle jobs of all types and locations. Click on the links below to learn more about this unit.

Remote Access

The AT7 is controlled entirely with radio remote controls for all systems. It has dual speed tracking and easy maneuverability in limited access areas. Using all wheel drive and 3-way steering, the operator can position the AT7 close to the work and then choose the best vantage point to stand for safety and accuracy.

Adjustable Leveling

The All-Terrain has an automatic tilting feature that keeps the equipment level even on slopes. The self-leveling feature provides stability and continuous feeding even on sloped areas of application.

On-Site Loading

The unit can be loaded from the side or the rear. A small skid steer can load over the back of the unit since it is only 6 feet off the ground or a bigger loader can load over the side of the unit.

Extreme Accessibility

The All-Terrain has all-wheel drive and Off-Road Traction Floatation Tires for off road mobility. Difficult to reach areas are now easily accessible. An optional High Floatation configuration may be added for beach restoration work, turf applications such as on golf courses, and sports field construction.