Reload Conveyor



We manufacture 2 basic models of Reload Conveyors – the RL34 and the RL26.  The RL34 unfolds from its transport position to working position which is variable up to about 16 feet high.  The RL26 is made as one solid conveyor and can load material almost 12 feet high. Both work by receiving material from haul trucks and transferring it into the working truck.


The Reload Conveyors can be towed behind a 1 ton pickup and are quick and easy to set up. See picture to the right.


The Reload Conveyors load material at over 6 tons per minute and eliminates contamination that occurs when material is dumped on the ground and reloaded. This can save up to 20% of the material and hauling costs.

The last couple of pictures show the RL26 attached to an AT7.  This combination creates a high volume and continuous piece of equipment for pipelines, walls, and other large projects.