How far can the CAS throw material?

While distance is very important, the real question should be how far can a CAS throw and still maintain high volume. We can shoot material from 120 – 140 ft. while maintaining high volume and a tight stream.

Can I use my own chassis to mount this equipment?

Absolutely, we can put our bodies on all sorts of chassis, new and used. In addition, since all chassis are not perfect, our frame shop can take care of modifications, like adding axles and extensions and so on.

Why should I buy from CAS?

We are confident that we build the best piece of equipment on the market today. We have over 60 years of experience building material application equipment. In fact, Arlen Rexius, the president of Conveyor Application Systems, was the founder of the Express Blower, the original innovator of the blower truck. Our equipment is all made here in the United States. We have a complete truck shop and fabrication shop and a committed staff to go along with it. We have material specialists, marketing specialists, and even on site erosion control specialists. All of these great resources are available to CAS owners.

What is FET tax?

In short, Federal Excise Tax is imposed on all new purchased equipment sold to U.S. citizens, either built locally or internationally. At CAS we collect the tax for you on your behalf and make sure that you are compliant and legal.

How many people work for you at CAS?

Conveyor Application Systems, LLC, is wholly owned subsidiary of the Rexius Corporation, which employs roughly 200 people.

Why do you powder coat?

The reason we use powder coated parts is because it is chip and corrosion resistant. We take all of our metal parts, heat it up to 425 degrees, to allow the powder to flow into all the holes. Because of our powder coating process, there are not metal to metal parts, and therefore, no rusting.

What other products can the CAS handle?

Our unique system handles a wide variety of material including top soil, sand, compost, mulch, cinder rock, crushed and round rock up to 3″, and much more.

HOW ABOUT concrete or asphalt?

Yes. CAS equipment can run both. Throwing concrete over 15 feet or so causes separation and thus is not suitable for critical pours such as commercial floors. But for many jobs this is not an issue such as placing flowable fill around pipes and utilities, concrete pads for pole buildings, filling underground mining tunnels and stopes, or adding cement to soil for retention ponds. We also have a high heat package available for running asphalt.

Do you have a distributor close to me?

CAS sells all its equipment and parts Factory Direct. With CAS maintaining direct control of sales and service, our customers get the best possible pricing for equipment and the highest quality of support that they deserve. With today’s technology and delivery systems, distance is no longer a factor, and with CAS’s support staff and technical know how, we are able to work with your own people to properly maintain your equipment. We are only a phone call away.

What if I can’t get financing, does CAS offer financing?

The short answer is no, we can not offer financing of your new CAS equipment; however, we have relationships with banks and lenders that we can get you in contact with to help in the process of receiving credit.

do you rent?

We do not have a rental division so our first choice for those with one time jobs that do not support the purchase of a machine, is to refer them to one of our current owners that is willing to rent out their machine or act as a subcontractor. If that is not possible and if we have the right machine in stock, we would try to work something out.

do you take trade-ins or consignments?

Yes to both. We buy and resell used CAS equipment. Before we offer a used piece of equipment that we own for sale, we carefully go through a thorough inspection to identify any safety, component, or operational deficiencies. Unless otherwise stated, all belts, tires, and other wear parts will have less than 50% wear. Because of our comprehensive inspections and the amount of money we generally put into getting a machine market ready, we offer a limited warranty on most pieces of equipment we sell. We also sell consigned equipment by charging a commission. Sometimes customers wish to keep a consigned machine working until sold. We can only represent these machines from the information we get from the current owner however we try to be sure that even on these machines we back the new owner.

I purchased some equipment and now I need help with marketing and advertising, can you help?

Of course we can help. We have an in house marketing specialist who designs brochures and flyers, websites, produces videos, and much more. In addition, we have years of experience bidding jobs, developing a client base, and growing a business. As stated before, all of this experience and departments is made available to our CAS owners. We also frequently send jobs to our owners from service requests from contractors all over the nation.