Optional Features

Radio Remote Control

All of our truck mounted units have the option of being configured with remote control for the operation of the feed and placing conveyors. This feature is considered one of the most advantageous because it gives the operator a better view while placing material. It allows the operator to work from any vantage point for better safety and accuracy.

CAS Remote Drive System

Our remote drive system is one more step in improving efficiency with continuous operation. The truck can now be driven at a slow speed while spreading materials for a uniform layer. This optional feature is ideal for roadside applications, including lifts of gravel, erosion blankets, and utility ditch backfill. This unique ability can open up many new areas of potential business making you more versatile and more profitable.

Power Operated Tarp

For safety and convenience, the power operated tarp rolls open to cover your load from front to back with the flip of a switch. This feature will save you time and effort, allowing you to operate more efficiently and safely.

Water System

For quick and easy cleanup after the job, our pressurized water system makes cleanup a snap. The system includes an onboard water tank, hose real and nozzle. A dust suppression system can also be included as an option.

High Pressure Water System

For quick and easy cleanup after the job, our high pressure water system makes cleanup a snap. The system includes a hydraulic driven pump rated at 2500 psi with a 30 gallon tank & reel.

Tool Box

The highway storage box is ideal for storing away additional tools needed for your work. The box is made with either stainless steel or aluminum with latching doors.


A hydraulically powered vibrating unit can be installed on the truck box to help with smooth feeding of more difficult materials. Ideally, this feature can be conveniently activated when using remote control (optional) or at the operator station with the manual system.

Conveyor Shield

The conveyor shield traps the conveying material against the conveyor belt to instantly bring the material up to belt speed. This feature allows for greater distances during application. A hydraulic power assisted conveyor shield is an additional option.

Front Leveling Blade

The AT6 can be equipped with an optional leveling blade on the lower front of the unit. This feature allows for leveling the working area before application and also helping to stabilize the unit on tough terrain. The blade is hydraulically lifted and lowered when unit is mobilized.

Equipment Colors and Graphics

CAS offers flexibility for the customization of your truck mounted. For advance orders of new equipment, you can choose your own colors and even have us quote a complete graphics package with your company image. We can also customize used chassis at your option. Use the interactive color chart to the right to see which color combination works best for you.

New or Used Chassis?

New chassis can be custom ordered in advance with no additional cost. We can help you find any model, color and configuration that meet your specific needs and include it in the purchase package.We also keep a limited selection of new chassis in stock for custom orders. We stock a selection of pre-built units on both new and used chassis for immediate delivery. Do you already have a truck of your own? All used chassis generally require some modifications, but our complete truck shop can make the necessary changes to fit your new CAS.